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Partnering with Sannova for analytical CRO services is the smart choice for clients seeking accurate and comprehensive analytical characterization studies. Our expertise spans a wide range of analytical techniques, allowing us to determine crucial properties such as molecular weight, structure, concentration, purity, reactivity, and stability. We understand the challenges involved in these studies, including the diverse substances to be characterized and the complexity of the analytical methods. With our specialized equipment and experienced team, we minimize the risk of error and deliver reliable results. By choosing Sannova, clients can confidently develop new products, enhance existing ones, ensure safety and efficacy, comply with regulations, and gain a deep understanding of substance behavior under various conditions.

Our Lab is Fully Equipped for Analytical Analyses

Sannova’s lab houses a range of analytical instruments to support drug development. This includes gold standard HPLC systems, ICH and non-ICH stability chambers, and a modern Caron Chamber for photostability determination. Our lab also employs Agilent 7900 ICP-MS and Milestone Ultra wave digestion system for metal impurity analysis as per USP <232>, USP<233>. To ensure system reliability, we use the Sensaphone alarm system to continuously monitor temperature and humidity limits, and our gas-powered generators stand-by in case of power outages to safeguard your samples.

Discover the full spectrum of Sannova's expertise – explore an example of the diverse range of molecules we excel at, and experience stress-free bioanalytical and analytical services today!

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