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Sannova recognizes the vast potential of cell and gene therapies, especially in the era of personalized medicine and CRISPR technology. With these advancements, we are excited to play a part in addressing some of humanity’s biggest health challenges, including cancer and rare genetic diseases. Given the complexities of biotech development, the industry has a long history of collaborating with specialized partners to support the development pipeline for biologics and biosimilars. Moreover, our expertise in complex molecules such as proteins, antibodies, and nucleic acids enables us to support the development of biotechnology products that meet regulatory criteria to so that you can deliver safe and effective therapies.

From characterization to CMC, our wide range of services for biotech companies enables us to address diverse needs. With a focus on collaboration, our team is well-equipped to pivot to your needs while providing expert, professional guidance. We are committed to delivering the highest quality service, as quickly and effectively as possible, and we take pride in fostering long-term partnerships.

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