Absolutely, I would be pleased to be a reference so that I can praise your unsurpassed flexibility, quality and turn-around to results. I’ll think about whether there is something better to say than unsurpassed and the best.

Sr. Vice President

Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Development & Quality Assurance

We received confirmation from our Regulatory Affairs group that the file was received by the FDA. Many thanks to your entire team for their hard work and dedication on these studies! Your efforts have allowed us to submit on the same day that our stability data was available.

Executive Director

Research & Development

On behalf of our company, I’d like to also thank you and the entire Sannova team for your efforts in supporting the studies under very tight timelines – we did not receive a single question on the clotting studies or the associated Sannova validation/testing during the review.

Chief Scientific Officer

Research & Development

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