At Sannova, we understand that navigating the complexities of protein analysis and therapeutic development requires adaptability and innovation. Let us share a recent collaboration where a sponsor’s gene therapeutic induces the generation of a protein with close homology with an endogenous protein.


Sponsor’s prior CRO used a bottom-up approach -a process which is digesting the protein with trypsin and using that peptide to quantify the larger one, but their choice of peptide did not address the homology since the peptide sequence is present in a very challenging preclinical animal and human tissues.

Understanding the importance of precision in protein analysis, Sannova engaged in thorough discussions with the client to identify the most effective strategy.

Our Comprehensive Solutions

  1. Screening the whole protein sequence of a >80KD protein by High-Resolution Mass Spectometry (HRMS)
  2. Utilized comprehensive protein databases to capture a complex peptide sequence unique to human tissue and absent in the model organism’s tissue.
  3. Crafted a long-term plan centered around middle down digestion, with a case specific digestion approach, to encompass various mutations across the protein sequence.

As a result, our sponsor is now ready to dose their preclinical studies with a robust method in hand and no delays for sample analysis.